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Our Logistics Software Moves Everything

The global economy depends on the movement of freight, and our software does that, at a lower cost with greater reliability.

Learn how our systems have saved our clients hundreds of millions of dollars.

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Logistics Management Software Systems & Freight Broker Software


Logistics Software Solutions

Waste is one of the greatest costs in the logistics industry. People’s efforts are repeated two, three, even ten times.

Each time someone has to re-enter data, there is a delay, an added cost and an opportunity for a mistake. How many of the mistakes in your business were the result of human error?

By implementing ACE Customs Brokerage SoftwarePurchase Order Expediting & Tracking (POET/POET Forwarder)Freight QuotePre-AlertImaging & TrackingWarehouse Management or ISF Software applications, you can improve your process, increase accuracy and reduce expensive mistakes and keystrokes.

Companies save millions of dollars by moving freight efficiently, reducing duty costs and optimizing shipments. Let us do the same for you!

Import & Export Software

Do you have an existing import, export or warehouse software package – third party or home grown – that isn’t getting you where you need to be?

Do you need features & functionality on your logistics system and need help developing those features?

Speak with our experts and learn how cost effective it can be to have our logistics consultants guide you through your projects and requirements.

If you need consultants to help with your current system, we have the expertise in import software and export software to drastically improve your operations.

Call e2e Logistics Consulting today at (631) 845-1010

Logistics Software on Trusted and Proven Platforms

Don't trust your business to issue prone platforms and technology. Run your 3PL on trusted systems.

For years we’ve run logistics, freight forwarding, customs clearance, 3PL and other software for top businesses on the IBM framework. 

While many today expect everything to be Windows or Linux virtual machines, the truth is the IBM systems are hardened, scalable and reliable, trusted by the largest companies in the world. 

If these companies trust billions of dollars in shipments to these systems, shouldn’t you?

Experienced iSeries Programmers

Great Programmers are Hard to Find... Until Now!

For decades, the IBM platform has been the cornerstone of the logistics industry, and e2e software has set the standards.

Leveraging the power of the iSeries & AS/400, clients are able to run robust operations on a massively scalable platform, with entry level equipment available to any small business.

Whether you need iSeries consultants, RPG/4 consultants, custom programming on iSeries, software maintenance on iSeries or other help with general iSeries consulting, call us to see how we can help.

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