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Logistics Education

Exterior view of NYU's urban campus in New York City NYU has asked Hank Ulrich and Mike Scherer to offer a course, FINA1-CE9637 entitled IT Solutions for International Trade Logistics starting Sunday October 2, 2011. The course spans five Sundays, starting at 10:00 AM and ending at 2:00 PM, that will challenge the minds of those attending.

The class will start by electing a business it wants to develop in the international trade arena. From that inception of the business, the production and sale of goods increasingly requires compliance to not only the regulations, that are imposed by government officials but also, the how to compete in a global commerce that is always on the move requiring us to know how to put together a business plan, hire the right staff, motivate that staff and employ where practical the latest technology.

The course will provide insight on how to develop systems that will integrate our newly formed company with all the trading parties and entities that we need to deal with in this new company. At least 3 of the classes will provide a guest expert speaker on the subject matter of the day. More than likely we will be asking one of our clients to see if they would volunteer to give up a Sunday Morning in October to make this class even more interesting. We encourage you and or your staff to enroll in the above class.

Please call Hank or Mike if you are interested.

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