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Import, Export & Logistics Software

Over the last 30 years we have developed the systems for some of the largest importers, exporters, freight forwarders, customs house brokers and port authorities in the world. But don’t be intimidated, our systems are designed to be scalable from global enterprises to local companies.

Import Software

Is available for those who are responsible for the compliance to today’s regulations. Our ISF software has been in production for over one year and is truly a global web-portal providing access to those authorized to provide the information required in the AMS 10+2 ISF requirements.

We also provide and feed a deconsolidation module that advises all trading partners of arriving goods and what is required to clear those goods. We have developed systems that take a feed from EDI and ISF based solutions to feed the Import Arrival system. This same module allows agents at destination to do settlement with the agents at origin to account for the charges that are incurred. Typically these systems generate an Arrival Notice Due Bill with corporate branding of the arrival agent.

Additionally, accounting is fed into the corporate accounting records. Further this information is passed through and audit that assures that charges are correct and according to the established tariffs built into the system. Notification is given to most participation through a generation of a PDF that is sent via email, or an EXCEL record sent to the parties requiring data rather than PDF.

Information from the above system modules is also made available to the ACE The principles of e2e where the first to successfully send and receive ABI messages back in the mid eighties. Today, we continue that same process of passing the latest CATAIR records into Customs. Difficult entries such as watch, sets, A.I.I. entries have been made much easier. The ABI correspondence feeds a tracking system that takes images of all the forms generated such as CF7501, CF7512, Delivery Orders, etc. and makes them available to the trading partners to see on line when they are tracking their shipments.

Export Software

Our Export software is a system that can generate all the forms typically required in an export shipment. More importantly it has the ability to handle Export licensed controlled items. It is typically fed by our own Warehouse Management system that allows you to select goods for consolidation for optimal use of system recommended containers and Unit Load Devices. It can assure you that you do not ship goods that may have missing information or compliance issues. The system has the ability to book cargo either via EDI or through the reporting of transactions occurring between you and the international carrier.

We have the knowledge base to develop your own specific applications for Shippers that have included the following modules:

  • Forecasting of product demand by world area
  • Electronic or Web Order Entry
  • Proforma generation
  • Purchase Order Placement
  • Warehousing
  • Consolidation Analysis and Ready for Shipment notifications
  • AES Reporting
  • Electronic Booking
  • Export Documentation
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Accounts Payable
  • General Ledger
  • Management Information
  • Status Tracking
  • MIS Reporting
  • Electronic In-bond
  • AMS
  • Reconciliation & Drawback

We are prepared to build the bridges to interface into other products such as SAP, J D Edwards One-World, or yourown home developed systems.

Freight Forwarding Software

e2e has developed freight forwarding software systems for some of the major and not so major Freight Forwarders, NVOCC and Air Consolidators. We leverage our knowledge of the compliance requirements, our Warehouse Management module which can generate a file completely without time consuming keying and transfer of data from forms. The generation of forms is made simple through our Forms Overlay process and our Document distribution that allows for simultaneous generation of packets of required documents in a PDF that can be sent to multiple parties at one time.

We have also developed an e2e-Bridge product that allows forwarders to send Booking Request to steamship lines supported by GTNEXUS and soon to be INTTRA and Viraat.

If you are a member of CNS then more than likely you are using software developed by our principles to do reporting or assignment of air waybill numbers. Imagine not spending the money to have expensive 12 part IATA set. The e2e solution provides those forms with all the correct marginal words for each copy. It allows you to generate an Air Manifest and all the associated House Bills. It prepares a settlement worksheet between you and the destination agent for all the expenses incurred.

It expands your service by allowing you to generate Documents such as a Commercial Invoice in multiple languages. Our Export Forwarding module also supports a web-portal Image capturing system that can give your clients and overseas agents all the documents they need. It is also developed to handle Foreign Military Shipments and the Export License controls required to do so.

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