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e2e ACE: U.S. Customs Brokerage for the Automated Commercial Environment

e2e ACE is pioneering the new wave of Customs Entry Processing as defined by United States Customs and Border Protection (USCBP) guide lines and regulations. The e2e ACE product is the gateway to export providing a comprehensive system with a consistent look and feel throughout, appealing not only to Custom Brokers, but Freight Forwarders and Consolidators/DeConsolidators.

The individuals at e2e are known as the pioneers in the development of the first and perhaps the most successful IBM AS/400 application for ABI (Automated Broker Interface) and AES (Automated Export System) the new generation and lessons learned over decades of interfacing with Customs allows us to tout the best thing since sliced imports!

e2e ACE is Fully Functional and USCBP Certified

ACE is ready to fully support Formal Entries (Type 01) and Informal Entries (Type 11), e2e ACE:

  • Assigns entry numbers
  • Audit and Edit all data related to entries
  • Prompts and records all related tariff numbers
  • Compliance based integrated databases enabling user to record entry related data one time and re-use with ease and consistency – including Other Government Agency (OGA) related data
  • Performs all duty calculation including duty, HMF, MPF, Taxes, Countervailing Duties and Anti Dumping.
  • Files all associated Other Government Agency (OGA) data with entry
  • Logical determination to send entry through ACE or ACS data interchanges
  • Historical data retained for all entries

e2e ACE: Developed For the Industry with The Industry

The approach to the e2e ACE application included the involvement of key brokers, forwarders and importers meeting electronically and in person with our experienced staff. Our average experience rate exceeds 25 years in import customs brokerage, including an in house licensed broker.

We approached this system to eliminate the legacy systems previously developed. In addition, we have provided a portal for non-legacy users that will allow any firm like yours to leverage this certified and approved system by USCBP for processing the first two applications made available by USCBP in the form of type 01 (formal) and 11 (informal) entries.

e2e ACE: Tremendous Power, Even for Smaller Brokerage Firms and Offices

Care was taken in the design and functionality for Brokerage firms who may have small offices where a given person may be responsible for both Import and Export. Both processes will use the same basic screens but fields would be displayed and made “required” based on the type of transaction being processed such as ocean imports versus air imports, versus air exports and ocean exports, etc.

Call today to learn how ACE can lower your cost and improve the accuracy of your operations.

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