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Company History

e2e Logistics Consulting, Inc. is a seasoned team driven by decades of experience in building solutions for international trade. Our systems take convoluted regulations and a maze of compliance requirements and deliver a working system that meets your needs.

Our founder and partners have worked together for over the last two decades bringing system solutions to Fortune 500 companies. Our experts designed and built the systems that companies use to solve their GAP issues between their internal IT departments and the requirements of global trading with over 100 countries.

The principals in the firm have been responsible for many accomplishments:

  • Automation of Export Operations of a Fortune 5 Shipper
  • Chaired the Computerization Committee for NCITD
  • Integrator into major order control systems

The members of our team have developed:

  • ABI: The first ABI system
  • AES: The first AES system
  • EDI: EDI standards in use today
  • ISF: Developed new ISF system for 2010 compliance
  • Forwaders & Brokers: Systems for over 100 Freight forwarders and Brokers
  • Exporters & Importers: Systems for more than 50 Exporters and Importers
  • Shipping Docs: Systems that prepare over 30 shipping related documents
  • Landed Cost: Developed & launched a complete landed Cost systems
  • Warehousing: Full warehouse management systems
  • FMS: FMS systems
  • Purchase Orders: Purchase Order Control systems
  • ACE: Developed new ACE product for integration into CBP’s Automated Commercial Environment
  • Port Systems: The Port System for New Orleans

Today, our decades of experience and guidance is leveraged by our team, providing robust
web-enabled solutions for you and your trading partners.

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